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Partners of Vapexpo Madrid 2018 



Vapouround Magazine is the UK and Ireland's leading magazine focusing on the e-cigarette industry. We travel the world to bring you product reviews, deliver the latest news from the vaping industry, while ensuring we are always relevant. In conjunction with the magazine we have the Vapouround Bus, which is a fully operational double-decker bus that tours the UK promoting the role of vaping in smoking cessation.

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Since 2013, E-Cig magazine is the media of reference specialised in the topic of vape. More than 5 000 professionals in France, Switzerland and Belgium receive each magazine by mail.


Major website on electronic cigarette.


PGVG Magazine, the magazine of vape professionals is distributed for free to the e-cigarette professionals in 8 francophone countries. A target readership, quality information.


The 1st channel that offers a programme dedicated to the specialized shops. Health, entertainment, products, information, help for the sales..


VAP'YOU is a small newspaper distributed in the vape shops and webshops to contribute to a positive image of vaping.


Vapor-Gate.Com is a collaborative and informative blog about the vape in France. You can find all the information about the latest equipments as well as the news dedicated to vapers.


Vapun Magazine has become the vapers' favorite magazine very fast. In just a year, they have won over the hearts of their readers by being DIFFERENT. They are the magazine written BY vapers FOR vapers. They have sponsored shows all over the globe and maintain media sponsorships by becoming a true PARTNER of your event.

"Vapun Magazine is an ideal media partner for vape events and has designed its latest ads in order to promote the exhibitions. They are professionals to work with and have outstanding graphics.”



Created in 2014, La Guilde Des Vapoteurs positions as a Facebook group of vape experts, the atmosphere is calm and convivial around a common passion: the quality vape.


Pourlavape.fr is a directory / listing of eliquid brands, physical shops, modders, consumable products and events in the field of vape.
Often present at the events, exhibitions and Vapéros... with their cameras, ready to immortalise each moment!



"Renfe, known simply as the main railway operator in Spain, collaborates with Vapexpo-Barcelona offering its services and promotions to travel to our event with a 30% discount, (more information).


"I don't smoke anymore, I vape" - this is the message of StickerVapote with this sticker distributed for free to the vapers in the partner vape shops (list available for consultation on the website).


Vape Consulting is a service delivery company which accompanies you in your projects on the electronic cigarette and the e-liquid market.
Running these activities since 2008, Mickaël Hammoudi has a strong experience.
The scope of the company's activities covers the export, import, distribution, manufacture as well as the specific expertise and references of the products and professions of the vape.


The meeting place of the manufacturers, distributors, retailers and Vapers in Italy.


The meeting place of the manufacturers, distributors, retailers and Vapers in Italy.The first trade fair dedicated exclusively to the vape industry in Germany. Stuttgart became the German capital of Vape thanks to The Hall of Vape, with more than 150 exhibitors for its 2017 edition.


Vapexpo Paris has partnered with Trive to provide discounted hotel rates for the show. Due to a large amount of events during this period, we highly recommend to book early before rooms are sold out.

Enjoy booking your travel with Trive, assistance and extra service will be provided by their Team.

For group reservation (+9p) :
benjamin@hellotrive.com or +33 781 155 354

Institucional actors


Independent Association of Electronic Cigarette Users. Its role is to represent and defend the vapers.


Fivape, the Interprofessional Vaping Federation, represents the French professional vaping community, including e-cigarette and e-liquid manufacturers, retailers and importers. Fivape is based on 4 Secretary-Generals, represententing manufacturers, distributors, vaper relations and International cooperation respectively. Fivape advocates the interests of our sector towards public authorities and the general public at the French, European and International levels.


The Association Québécoise des Vapoteries (AQV) is a merchant organisation in the vape industry that strives to legally re-establish the basics rights (in the Quebec convention of individual rights and freedom) that were removed from certain Quebec citizens following some measures of the draft law 44.


CECMOL is the largest Chinese platform for the e-cigarette industry; currently the total number of registered users of its electronic cigarette portals, webshops and social media has reached 100,000. CECMOL provides online documentation service to 2 million users in the e-cigarette industry each year, and the number of visitors of its Vape Expo and E-cig Forum each year is over 200,000. Its publications have 35,000 readers.

Media Contact: Della
Email/Skype: cecmolfc@cecmol.com
Mobile/Whatsapp: +86 189 3805 5181


Schenzhen International Electronic Cigarette Expo


UBV was created by passionate vapers before the transposition of the European directive on the products of the tobacco.

The Royal Decree from the 3rd of March, 2016 pushed us for action by trying to unite the vapers from the two sides divided by the language barrier.


Composed above all of former smokers having concluded their nicotinic weaning thanks to the personal vaporizer, La Vape du Coeur, a movement formed in December 2014 that became association of law 1901 in July 2015, works from a point of view of RDR towards the most disadvantaged smokers by bringing them the personal vaporizer, their liquids and their accessories as an alternative to the smoked tobacco.


The SOVAPE association aims to act and create a dialogue to advance the reduction of the risks and the damage of the tobacco addiction in the society.


The Spanish Association of Users of Personal Vaporizers (ANESVAP) is an organization created to defend the right of all adults to use this system.

The association also aims to disseminate information on vaporizers and its correct use, to analyze and disseminate the different studies published on the personal vaporizer, and to ensure the correct commercialization of the products to float, in the terms established in the norms that are applicable for their labeling, packaging and distribution and defend its free market.


UPEV is a non-profit association that includes users, personalities and public health professionals committed to the promotion and defense of eCig, as well as companies and distributors of the sector of the Vaping ...



"The Mono Vapeador" the biggest youtube channel devoted entirely to the reviews and tutorials on the world of vapeo in Spanish.

You will find videos of ecigs, mods, reparables, consumables, eliquids and much more!

Website | Youtube


French renowned reviewers


The purpose of the “Oneshot TV” programme is to answer the questions of the vapers. This show is broadcasted live every Monday from 10 p.m. Based on the structure of our “Frequently Asked Questions” section, you have the possibility to ask any questions either live or on the various social networks that are available.


Youtube channel - Vapexpo Awards partners.