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Visitors Madrid 2019



Vapexpo is the reference, the perfect place for promoting products and materials and for gathering with different manufacturers from the whole world. We have been working hard for more than 4 years for all spanish proffesionals and amateurs. Vapexpo Spain will be celebrated for the third time in our country the next year 2020. After the wonderful event held in Barcelona in October 2017 and the great success in Madrid in June 2018 & 2019 where we had more than 150 exhibitors and almost 13.000 visitors during the weekend, with this exhibiton we proclamed ourselves as the best Vaping Event held untill now in Spain.


The creation of a real link between all manufacturers of both, devices and E-liquids and the costumers. Vapexpo exhibitons were born to bring together our whole community around the same passion: The Vape.


Our exhibitions are organized around the exchanges and the mutual business support, like this, we wish to contribute to the economic grown of a new and growing market by highlighting the new consuption habits.


Vape is not only a business, it also is a “public utility“ service. Because of this we can find documentals like “Beyond the cloud” a one hour french film that decrypts the phenomenon, changing in our society.


Why Madrid? We choose Madrid because it is a wonderful city, which has a lot of business oportunities and is really multicultural, with a nice weather, a wonderful location and a lot possibilities for leisure activities. It’s located in the center of Spain and it’s easily accesible by any kind of transport for all the Spanish people. Respecting the exhibition place, we thought the best choice would be to do it in the same place we did in 2018 and 2019, since the “Pabellón de Cristal” is located at the very center of this wonderful town, which is amazing in case you want to visit it and it’s very confortable for the people that lives there and want to come since they can get to the exhibition just in a few minutes. After the success of our second edition, we expect we have more tan 150 exhibitors of different countries, we also expect to have a lot of general public since this year’s Vapexpo had almost 13.000 visitors during the whole weekend with a big assitance of B2B compared to B2C, beating our record again. This way we pretend to reach a lidering position in the organization of international exhibitions dedicated to the vaping industry in Spain and to consolidate our exhibition where it deserves to be after all the hard work developed all these years.


The Spanish Association of Users of Personal Vaporizers (ANESVAP) is an organization created to defend the right of every person of legal age to use this system. The association also aims to disseminate information on vaporizers and their correct use, analyze and disseminate the different studies published around the personal vaporizer, and ensure the proper marketing of products for vaping, in the terms established in the standards that are applicable for its labeling, packaging and distribution and defend its free market.
Asociación independiente de usuarios de cigarrillos electrónicos. Su rol es representar y defender a los vapeadores.
UBV was created by vaping enthusiasts before the change in the European directive on tobacco products. The Royal Decree of March 3, 2016 encouraged us to take action by trying to gather vapers from both sides that are divided by the language barrier.
The AQV is a mercantile organization in the vaping industry that legally seeks to reestablish the basic rights (in the Quebec convention on individual rights and freedom) that were removed to some Quebec citizens following some measures of the law 44.
Fivape, the inter-professional vaping federation, represents the professional French vaping community, including manufacturers, importers and retailers of e-liquids and e-cig. Fivape is based on 4 general secretaries, representing manufacturers, distributors, vaping relationships and international cooperation respectively. Fivape defends the interests of our sector before public authorities and the general public at French, European and international levels.
Vapouround Magazine is the leading magazine in the United Kingdom and Ireland focused on the electronic cigarette industry. We travel around the world to provide you with product reviews, to provide you with the latest news from the vaping industry and to ensure that we are always relevant. Along with the magazine, we have the Vapouround Bus, which is a fully operational double-decker bus that travels the United Kingdom promoting the role of vaping in quitting smoking.
CECMOL is the largest Chinese platform for the e-cigarette industry; currently the total number of registered users of its electronic cigarette portals, webshops and social media has reached 100,000. CECMOL provides online documentation service to 2 million users in the e-cigarette industry each year, and the number of visitors of its Vape Expo and E-cig Forum each year is over 200,000. Its publications have 35,000 readers.
Since 2013, E-Cig magazine is the media of reference specialised in the topic of vape. More than 5 000 professionals in France, Switzerland and Belgium receive each magazine by mail.
The 1st channel that offers a programme dedicated to the specialized shops. Health, entertainment, products, information, help for the sales...
Created in 2014, La Guilde Des Vapoteurs positions as a Facebook group of vape experts, the atmosphere is calm and convivial around a common passion: the quality vape.
VAP'YOU is a small newspaper distributed in the vape shops and webshops to contribute to a positive image of vaping.
The purpose of the “Oneshot TV” programme is to answer the questions of the vapers. This show is broadcasted live every Monday from 10 p.m. Based on the structure of our “Frequently Asked Questions” section, you have the possibility to ask any questions either live or on the various social networks that are available.
Composed on all ex-smokers who have completed their nicotine elimination thanks to the personal vaporizer. La Vape du coeur, a movement formed in December 2014 that became an association of the law "1901" in July 2015, works from an RDR point of view towards the most depleted smokers by giving them the personal vaporizer, their liquids and accessories and an alternative to tobacco.
The electronic cigarette is an exponential, global market. Today, it continues to expand the mesh of the Swiss economic fabric. Retail trade, distribution networks and production mechanisms combine perfectly with a constant business inertia. es un directorio/listado de marcas de e-liquidos, tiendas fisicas, productos consumibles y eventos en el campo del vapeo. Suelen presentarse a los eventos, exhibiciones y Vapers...con sus cámaras listos para inmortalizar cada momento.
The meeting point for manufacturers, distributors, retailers and vapers in Italy.
The meeting place of the manufacturers, distributors, retailers and Vapers in Italy.The first trade fair dedicated exclusively to the vape industry in Germany. Stuttgart became the German capital of Vape thanks to The Hall of Vape, with more than 150 exhibitors for its 2017 edition.
The SOVAPE association aims to act and create a dialogue to advance the reduction of the risks and the damage of the tobacco addiction in the society.
We start by creating a blog and very quickly market the products we recommend, and for some we use them as a vaper. Because yes, unlike many other sites, we test the products we offer.
The Vape No.1 app, Help find Vape promotions, product reviews, Vape giveaways and vaping events in general.
The 7th to 9th of December 2018 in Shanghai. The 14th to 16th of April 2019 in Shenzhen.
Comunication agency. Charlie Clarck is a journalist and presenter on the main national television channels (D8, Canal +, TMC ...). Founder of the agency and specialist in oral communication, has supported companies for many years in the creation and animation of their internal and external events.
9,10 & 11th of March - ExpoNates
Information website. The reference site in the news of the personal vaporizer (electronic cigarette).
"Renfe", known simply as the main railway operator in Spain, collaborates with Vapexpo-Barcelona offering its services and promotions to travel to our event with a 30% discount.