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I certify that I am over 18 years old. (Event prohibited to minors, even accompanied).


Terms of sale


The terms and conditions listed below regulate the conditions of sale of tickets for the Vapexpo event promoted and organized by the VAPEXPO EVENTS S.L. (The Organization) whose registered address is Calle El Cura, 2, 02001 Albacete and whose CIF is B02594794.

Email Contact: contact@vapexpo-spain.com. VAPEXPO EVENTS S.L. will be solely responsible for procurement processes and administration of personal data that buyers are forced to make during the purchasing process. The acquisition of the entry and payment represents acceptance of the following conditions:


1.1. The legal nature of entry is the title value, in accordance with current legislation.

There are 2 types of tickets Vapexpo-Spain:

  1. I) Input two days (EB2D): the right to access to the exhibition area for two days grants.
  2. I) day ticket (EB1D): the right to access to the exhibition area for one day for professional or general visitor grants.

However, the organization reserves the right to sell new types of tickets not covered by this point. In any case, these entries are subject to the general conditions Ticketing and access to Vapexpo set forth in this document.

1.2. Once acquired, the ticket will not be exchanged or refunded, being the acquisition of the same firm, except in cases of cancellation or change of date Vapexpo.

1.3. Admission, without prejudice reflected in these conditions regarding the right of admission is subject to the fact of the complete entry under appropriate conditions. The entrance has different security measures to ensure its authenticity. The Organization is not responsible for entries that are not purchased at the official outlets. All amended, broken or with signs of forgery, entry authorize the organizer to deprive its wearer access to the exhibition area the Organization reserving the right to take appropriate legal measures against holders of counterfeit tickets.

1.4. Possession of the ticket does not entitle its holder or third parties to use it, or its contents, for advertising, marketing or promotion (including, including but not limited to, contests, gifts and / or raffles) associated with the the ticket holder or third. Failure to comply with this point will oblige the advertiser and / or unauthorized user to make payment of a penalty equivalent to a thousand times the price of the most expensive ticket to the event, without prejudice to further claims for general damages. Entry also void immediately.

1.5. Tickets may only be purchased in retail outlets specifically authorized by the Organization.

1.6. The Organization warns that it has technical procedures capable of detecting any input photocopied or counterfeited. The Organization shall have the right to deny access to the holder of the entry if it detects any anomaly in it. The detection of any fraudulent use of the tool print at home will be prosecuted under the law, including criminal liabilities.


2.1. The entry must be exchanged for a identification pass on arrival at the venue of holding Vapexpo . The exchange will be post at the main entrance at "Pabellón de Cristal" (Casa de Campo de MADRID).

2.2. Therefore the Organization not responsible for the condition of being your responsibility bracelet care and conservation. bracelets or broken or damaged passes will not be accepted. The material it is made is resistant but not unbreakable.

2.3. Once ticket has been exchanged for the bracelet or passes in the designated area, the bracelet or pass become the element that certifies the entitlement. The loss of the bracelet or spent, entail loss of the right of admission. The Organization warns that no bracelets or tampered with, damaged or broken passes are accepted. To temporarily leave the premises must keep the bracelet or pass to enter again.


Decree 112/2010, of August 31, which approves the Regulation of public shows and recreational activities.

  1. The organization totally prohibits access to those under 18 years exposure if accompanied by adults.

5.1. The Organization holds and owns all rights of image and name, intellectual arising directly or indirectly owned, artistic presentations or any others that gave rise to the celebration of VAPEXPO. Therefore capture, filming or recording of images or sounds without the prior written authorization of the Organization is prohibited. Therefore, the entry of cameras, video and / or recording devices of any kind are prohibited.

5.2. People attending VAPEXPO consent and authorize expressly and unequivocally that their image and voice can be set on stands during the celebration of that event and subsequently may be released by the organization or authorized third parties in any media for promotional purposes and / or commercial VAPEXPO EVENTS S.L..

5.3. The Organization expel any person who contravenes the provisions of section 7 without generating any right to refund of the paid entrance.

5.4. Attendees consent to appearing in images taken by any media for future promotional and / or commercial VAPEXPO EVENTS S.L.


The Organization shall be entitled to take, both civil and criminal legal action it deems appropriate against the perpetrators of any attempted fraud, burglary and / or damage to the Organization, directly or indirectly. We inform you that your personal data will be compiled in a database owned by VAPEXPO EVENTS S.L.. And may be used for future promotions, all in accordance with the privacy policy and treatment of personal data of VAPEXPO EVENTS S.L. published in the General Conditions of VAPEXPO EVENTS S.L., and fulfilling, in any case, the current legislation on protection of personal data. Participants may exercise their rights of opposition, access, correction and cancellation at the following address: VAPEXPO EVENTS S.L. C / El Cura, 2, 02001 Albacete.


The Organization shall be entitled to take, both civil and criminal legal measures it deems appropriate against the perpetrators of any attempts of fraud, burglary and / or damage to the Organization, directly or indirectly.